'The Education Summit' Awards recognizes and acknowledges the new transformation in the Education and Learning sectors. We have been awarding Individuals, Educational Institutions, Ed-Tech Startups and established Corporates, who are imparting new learning thoughts and methods. In every edition, we receive hundreds of entries for our award categories, and our Awards Committee painstakingly analyses each nomination and decides on the awards purely on merit.

In the past, top education leaders, officials from the government & private sector, leading Ed-Tech organisations, and other top decision-makers & policymakers have been the proud recipients of 'The Education Summit' Awards.

Recognition in the form of an Award Trophy and Certificate by India’s fastest-growing Media organisation - Time2Grow Media.
Names of the awardees will be widely promoted on all the Social Media platforms of Time2Grow Media.
Enhanced visibility and credibility among industry peers and prospective professional associates.

We are accepting entries in four major categories: