“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” - William Butler Yeats. As the nation celebrates the moon landing, the need for rekindling the scientific temper of our children couldn’t be felt more. At Time2Grow Media, we are always on the forefront to explore new and scientific ways of providing world class education to our children.

After the phenomenal success of the 17th edition of 'The Education Summit' in Chandigarh, Time2Grow Media is thrilled to announce the 18th edition of 'The Education Summit'. It will be organized on 14 October 2023, in Pune, the ‘Queen of the Deccan’.

With this summit, we continue our mission of re-envisioning the future of education by facilitating the congregation of the best minds in the industry. The One-Day Summit will witness the participation of top government dignitaries, senior officials, leading practitioners, school leaders, higher education leaders, technology experts, and other stakeholders from the world of education.

The 18th edition of the Summit will revolve around one of the most significant and trending topics in the education fraternity today – ‘Collaborative Classrooms: Uniting Ideas, Igniting Growth’.

Notably, collaborative learning is a new method of education in which a group of students (two or more) endeavour to learn something together using group projects, assignments, etc. In this type of learning, students get the opportunity to learn from others’ skills and resources.

Paul Solarz says - “Collaboration allows us to know more than we are capable of knowing by ourselves”. This method is said to have several benefits for the students including the development of Higher-Order Thinking, oral communication, self-management, and leadership skills. Besides, it promotes student-faculty interaction and facilitates an increase in student retention, self-esteem, and responsibility. Not only students, but educators also create a better learning experience when they work together.

The summit would initiate fruitful discussions to unlock the full potential that collaborative classrooms have to offer. The power-packed sessions featuring top-notch speakers/panelists from across the country will witness deliberations on topics such as Strategies for Effective Collaboration, Fostering Collaborative Mindsets, Parent-Teacher-Student Partnerships, Leveraging Technology for Seamless Collaboration, and much more. The summit would aim to unleash the transformation that collaborative learning and teaching can bring to the education sector.

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Event Hightlights

Focus Area

Significance of Collaborative Learning in Modern Classrooms

How evolving technologies and pedagogies would shape the future of education

How to assess the effectiveness of collaborative learning initiatives

Impact and Future of Collaborative Classrooms

How to foster Inclusivity and Diversity in classrooms

Identifying effective strategies for collaboration

Role of Parent-Teacher-Student Partnership

How to equip students for evolving demands in education and society

Who Should Attend?

Why Partner?

The 18th edition of ‘The Education Summit’ is a golden opportunity to widen your reach and interact with a bigger audience. Not only would the partners get a chance to address the stakeholders directly, but also get a captive audience to meet, interact and talk about their Ed-Tech products and/or Services.

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Showcase your products and services to industry stakeholders from across the country

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Advertise your products and services among top policymakers, school leaders and decision-makers

Build Credibility

Boost the credibility of your company and its offerings by partnering with one of the most sought-after Edu-Platform

Valuable Insights

Interact with your target audience and get hands-on insights and real-time feedback to further enhance your offerings

Public Sector Lead Generation

Generate new sales leads by pitching and networking with individual, private and government-funded bodies

Foster Business Relationships

Meet and establish professional relationships with potential buyers, pan India

Return on Investment (ROI)

Create brand awareness, launch new products, generate new leads, all of which translates into a good ROI

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