Time2Grow Media is elated to announce that we are coming to the Golden City – Amritsar with the 21st edition of the Education Summit. The summit will be held on July 13, 2024, at Le Méridien, Amritsar and will revolve around the theme: Empowering and Enriching Education through India’s Cultural Diversity.

India is one of the most diverse countries in the world. It is more like a subcontinent that is home to over 100 languages, more than 700 different tribes, and every major religion in the world. The country hosts students from different cultures and backgrounds studying under a unified education system.

Through this summit, we aim to enrich the education system by inculcating various cultural backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences within the learning environment. It involves acknowledging,  respecting,  and valuing the differences among students, teachers, and staff in terms of ethnicity,  race,   religion,   language,  socioeconomic status,  gender,  sexual orientation,  abilities,  and more.

The conference will feature panel discussions, technical sessions, and industry presentations that will witness the participation of Government dignitaries, Policy-makers, Changemakers, Senior Representatives from top Schools & Higher Education Institutions, Thought Leaders, and other stakeholders from the education industry. These educationists will deliberate on topics such as multilingual education, the role of folklore and indigenous knowledge, inclusive curriculum, and blending digital tools with cultural education.

Besides, the summit will host a groundbreaking exhibition where some of the best Ed-Tech companies will showcase their products and services to improve pupil outcomes and the day-to-day operations of educational institutions.

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Key Topics

Incorporating cultural diversity into education involves various strategies. Some of them that will be discussed at the summit are:

  • Meet and network with top-notch personalities from the Education and Tech industry.
  • Get first-hand insights from early adopters and innovators of the Next-Generation technology.
  • Grasp the latest trends and ideas to further the cause of transforming the education sector.
  • Exchange views, opinions, and best practices with seniors and peers.
  • Leverage the biggest gathering of Policymakers, Education Experts, Technology Enthusiasts, and Principals.
  • Get the opportunity to develop curiosity and divulge into creativity.
  • Set benchmarks and achieve milestones in the collective journey to transform the future of education in India.

Widen your reach and grasp a wider audience by making a smart decision to book a space now at the 21st Education Summit, Amritsar.

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