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The Ed-Leaders Connect is a platform where educational visionaries come together under one roof to explore innovative solutions for transforming the world of education. In this dynamic environment, we are proud to organize the School Quality Assessment and Assurance Framework (SQAAF) workshop – a game-changing approach to ensuring and enhancing educational excellence.

SQAAF is a comprehensive and adaptable framework designed to assess, improve, and benchmark the quality of educational institutions. It empowers school leaders to drive positive change by providing a structured path to excellence. Through self-assessment, external evaluation, and continuous improvement strategies, SQAAF helps institutions align with global standards while respecting and maintaining their uniqueness.

Join us for a day of tons of learning and to discover how SQAAF fosters collaboration among educators, parents, and communities, thereby creating a shared commitment to educational quality. You will also learn how SQAAF's data-driven insights and customized action plans enable schools to thrive in an ever-evolving educational landscape.

Embrace the power of SQAAF and join the movement to elevate the quality of education - one institution at a time.

Why Should You Attend?

  • Gain insights from renowned thought-leaders and innovators from the world of education.

  • Network with eminent educationists and share experiences, exchange ideas, and build valuable connections that can drive collaborative initiatives.

  • Understand in depth the School Quality Assessment and Assurance Framework (SQAAF).

  • Acquire knowledge and new strategies that you can implement immediately in your institution(s).

Who Should Attend?

  • Founders & CEOs of Schools or Group of Schools
  • Presidents, Chairpersons, and Managing Directors (MDs) of Educational Institutions
  • Principals, Decision Makers, Treasurers, and COOs of Private Schools
  • Edu-Leaders who seek to transform the Education sector

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