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We, at Time2Grow Media, are thrilled to be organizing The Ed-Leaders Connect in the City of Waterfalls - Ranchi. At this unique platform, educational visionaries convene under one roof to deliberate and explore innovative solutions for transforming the world of education.

At this event, we are excited to conduct a workshop on ‘School Quality Assessment and Assurance Framework (SQAAF)’. SQAAF is a game-changing approach towards ensuring and enhancing educational excellence.

It is an all-inclusive and adaptable framework designed to evaluate, improve, and standardize the quality of educational institutions. The SQAAF also empowers school leaders to guide positive change by providing a structured path to excellence.

While on one hand, the School Quality Assessment and Assurance Framework (SQAAF) values and maintains the uniqueness of the institutions, on the other hand, it aids them in aligning with global standards via self-assessment, external evaluation, and constant improvement strategies.

By attending this workshop, you will have a golden opportunity to understand how SQAAF facilitates collaboration among educators, parents, and communities. You would also learn how SQAAF's data-driven insights and customized action plans allow schools to flourish in a dynamic educational landscape.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us at THE ED LEADERS CONNECT for an exciting day of learning, and for embracing the power of SQAAF.

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Who will Join us?

  • Founder & CEOs of Schools or Group of Schools
  • Presidents, Chairpersons, and Managing Directors (MDs) of Educational Institutions
  • Principals, Decision Makers, Treasurers, and COOs of Private Schools
  • Edu-Leaders who seek to transform the Education sector

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