Wondering where the best minds in the Education Sector are going to assemble next and share their invaluable knowledge and ideas? The journey now moves to the Garden City - Bengaluru, where Time2Grow Media will be organizing the 12th edition of ‘The Education Summit’, on 6th August 2022. The theme of this particular edition is ‘Changes in Educational Aims & Objectives’.

According to Plato, the aim of education is the welfare of both the individual and the society. He strongly believed that nothing must be admitted in education that does not become a catalyst in the promotion of virtue. The objective of education is to empower people and enable them to develop the essential skills in life, and equip themselves with diverse knowledge and expertise.

As we notice the changing of times and generations, do we also notice any changes in the aims and objectives of education? Assuming that the changes are indeed happening, are these changes beneficial? How do we stay up to date with these changes?

In this Summit, you will get an opportunity to meet Educationists, Experts, Changemakers, Policy Makers among many others, who will be more than happy to share their thoughts and wisdom with you, and answer your queries regarding the changes happening around us.
These personalities will discuss ways to find uni-directional approaches that will make significant contributions in a crucial uprising trend among the community of educationists.

Innovation, undoubtedly, is at its peak when people get together and share ideas. The purpose of the 12th edition of ‘The Education Summit’ is to bring together people who dream of shaping India’s future through educational innovations.

Important Dignitaries

  • Key Personalities from the Central and State Government
  • Regulatory Body members
  • Chairpersons and CEOs of different Group of Schools
  • Directors and Principals of Schools
  • Managers/Headmasters/Headmistresses
  • Start-ups and Leaders in the Ed-Tech sector

Important Takeaways

Important Takeaways

  • Learn about the changes that are happening across regarding the aims and objectives of education
  • Understand how eminent educationists are bringing in a paradigm shift in education
  • Discover the latest developments in the world of education
  • Learn how to enhance efficiencies in the classroom and identify measurable outcomes
  • Find out more about the unconventional, yet effective ways of imparting education

Chief Components

  • Conference

    A congregation of brilliant minds, educationists, policy makers, members of prominent think tanks and industry professionals from all around to share and discuss about the changes that are happening or need to be brought in the aims and objectives of Education.

  • Expo

    The summit offers a unique opportunity for Ed-Tech firms to showcase their latest Ed-Tech offerings in front of top educationists and other educational institutions. This expo will help them to learn more about the trending technologies in the world of education.

  • Awards

    This Summit will award individuals, pre-schools, schools and organizations who have done path-breaking work in the field of education, and have brought in a positive impact in the lives of teachers and students.

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