Time2Grow Media is proud to announce the 11th edition of The Education Summit, to be held in Chandigarh. The theme of this edition of the Summit is ‘Pedagogical Innovations in Education’.

One of the biggest challenges Educationists across the world face is how to keep the pedagogy relevant to the fast changing dynamics of the world of education. Students are using a lot of new methods to learn, hence a rigid and an old-fashioned pedagogy will always be a stumbling block. The Education sector has to find innovative methods while giving shape to a pedagogy that would resonate to the 21st century student.

It is an unfortunate but common observation that a large number of students achieve well below their potential while in school. It is a worrying factor not only for educationists or parents, but also to the society as a whole.

Concurrently, global expectations for education systems are growing rapidly. It is imperative that our education system moves beyond the comfort zone of the traditional and familiar methods of teaching, and finds more and more innovative methods to disseminate learning. The keyword is Innovation. Innovation entails a new way of analyzing and solving problems. It also helps to improve the overall quality of education by encouraging students to think outside the box and solve challenging issues.

In this Summit, you will get an opportunity to meet Changemakers, Educationists, Experts, Policy Makers among many others, with whom you can share and discuss thoughts and ideas, ask questions, and become a part of revolutionizing the education sector.

Key People

  • Representatives from the Government (Central and State)
  • Heads of Regulatory Bodies
  • Chairpersons and CEOs of different Group of Schools
  • Directors and Principals of Schools
  • Managers/Headmasters/Headmistresses
  • Start-ups and Leaders in the Ed-Tech sector

KEY Areas

  • Pre-Schools

  • Schools

  • Edu-Corporates